Basic Student Tuition$50/
Includes all Ki-Aikido and Ki Development classes.
For students investigating Ki-Aikido, or engaged in on-going training but have no interest in Rank or promotion or Membership in the National and International organizations.
Dojo Membership$150/
Includes ALL Ki-Aikido & Ki classes (rank qualified).
Members committed to on-going training and joined Ki Society International. Members usually hold rank in KI Development and Ki-Aikido, or intend to pursue rank.
Ki Society Membership$50/
Includes Membership in MKF and Ki Society international.
Required to test for rank or attend some Ki Society International training events.
Ki Development$40/
Includes Ki Development classes & Weekend Ki Breathing.
For students interested in the Mind/Body Oneness training only, without Ki-Aikido Martial Arts.
Single Class “Mat Fee”$10/
Try out any Ki-Aikido or Ki class.

Payment of Dues/Tuition is expected at the FIRST CLASS of the month/term the Member/Student attends. (Special arrangements may be made in advance with AOKA Treasurer and/or Instructor)

All checks payable to “Athens Ohio Ki-Aikido“. In person: by check, or cash enclosed in an envelope with the student/member’s name.

By Mail:
Athens Ohio Ki-Aikido
ATHENS, OH 45701-3748

MEMBERSHIP FEES/Regular Class Fees (only) can be paid by Electronic transfer to the Ohio University Credit Union:

Acct: 128934
Acct Type: S72
First 3 letter of lastname: ATH
NOTE: Email treasurer@athens-ki-aikido.net to identify and confirm your payment

Difference between Student and Dojo Membership

In the normal course of things we expect most people to start as Students and transition from Student to Member naturally as their level of interest and commitment increases. In normal, day to day practice, there is not much difference between the Student level and the Member level.


The Student level is intended for new folks, who want to try out Ki-Aikido training. Students pay tuition which entitles them to specific services; they have only a limited voice in dojo operations and policy. Student level also applies to ongoing folks who are not interested in the more advanced levels of practice or in connecting to the national or international organizations — part of which includes testing and rank — or are participants in Ki Training only.


Dojo Membership represents a deeper level of commitment to the practice and therefore to the local dojo as well as connection to the larger organization levels. Members are committed to the local organization and have a voice (vote) in setting policies and procedures. Along with this they commit to the life of the dojo and to the support of the dojo beyond the quid pro quo exchange. Members pay dues to help keep the dojo running and vital, regardless of specific services or benefits they may receive. Membership includes eligibility for participation in local advanced classes and testing/rank promotion.

Rank is issued under the auspices of, and according to criteria established by, the national and international associations (Midland Ki Federation and Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Kai), and is certified by them, so Membership is appropriate and expected. In addition, being a Member of MKF and Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Kai is a prerequisite for participation in some training seminars (Instructor’s Intensives, US National Seminars and World Camp for example). In future we expect local Members will be eligible for discounts when we host special events, and possible scholarship assistance for participation in such out-of-town seminars.

In cultural terms the distinction between Student and Member reflects the following Japanese terms (Students are Seito; Members are Deshi):

Seito student, trainee; ALSO: gakusei student (of a school gaku); montei gate (mon) born; monjin gate person; kenkyusei researcher

Deshi apprentice, disciple; more than just a student, indicates a dedicated, personal and reciprocal relationship with a sensei usually within a traditional art or discipline.

Uchideshi inside disciple: originally a deshi who lives in the dojo, now a student doing (undergoing) special, intense training (professional preparation).

Sotodeshi outside disciple, a deshi who lives away from the dojo.