Instructor Info

The Chief Instructor for Athens Ki-Aikido is Koichi Kashiwaya sensei of Seattle Washington. Kashiwaya sensei was an Uchi Deshi (direct personal student) of Shoshu Koichi Tohei sensei in Japan. He now holds:

  • Okuden rank (“Inside transmission” – the penultimate level) in Ki Development
  • Hachidan (8th Degree (black belt) in Ki-Aikido
  • Full Lecturer Certification by Ki Society International
  • Recognition as an Sohonbu Shihan (Headquarters Instructor)

Kashiwaya sensei was the last person to hold the position of Ki Society Chief Instructor for the United States, and is now recognized as the Advisor for Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Kai for the U.S. and Canada.

Kashiwaya sensei is the Chief Instructor of the Midland Ki Federation, an association of Ki Society Dojo with affiliates across the USA, and in Canada and Brazil. Sensei also teaches on behalf of Ki Society Headquarters in Australia, Thailand and the Philippines. We travel regularly to train with Kashiwaya sensei, and we host an annual seminar in Athens.

Head Instructor Stan Haehl has been training in Ki-Aikido for 40 years and teaching Ki-Aikido (and other topics) for more than 30 years in both dojo (martial art school) and University contexts. He holds:

  • Ki Development rank of Jouden (Upper Level Transmission) (2010)
  • Ki-Aikido rank of Rokudan (6th degree black belt) (2021)
  • Associate Lecturer Certification by Ki Society International

He also has an MFA in Theatre Arts and is trained in Massage and Bodywork. He has been a faculty member at Ohio University and three other Universities.